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26 July 2010 @ 04:41 pm
Otakon Guests & more Tonight On CCBD!  
On the next "Candy Coated Black Dream" Otakon is this week and Sid is freaking out about getting ready for it, so come by and bring some encouragement.>< And, since Otakon is THIS WEEK, we'll be play some songs from some of the artists attending, and hopefully talk about what is to come at this event(so, join us for the discussion). We'll try to talk a bit about the events surrounding con guests kanon(An Cafe/Studio Blue-3), YOSHIKI, SUGIZO, h.NAOTO and more. (assisted by a print-out of the con schedule, and be warned, a lot happens on FRIDAY!!)x_x Also, if we can fit it in, we'll be playing songs from other artist making upcoming appearance in North America, and your request.

J-Rock song request can be sent to TRrequest on AIM (AOL instant messenger)
during the show.

So join us and listen to "Candy Coated Black Dream" Monday nights @ 8 pm ET (5 pm PT)
On the "Tainted Reality Internet Radio Network".